I’m here to automate all your things. UI testing, API testing, visual checking, and any other processes that take time away from more important tasks that your dev or QA team do on a routine basis.

I also research the construction of automation frameworks, and I’m currently writing my thesis on using the UML Test Profile in the creation of automation testing frameworks.

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My research focus is the construction of automation frameworks. The initial construction of a framework impacts all other development and implementation that follows.

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Software Automation and the Value Chain: Cost Drivers

The Takeaway: Automation can help lower the costs associated with your software project, resulting in more value and a price advantage in the marketplace A key component in analyzing the value chain of your project/enterprise is investigating the cost drivers in the value chain. Meaning, your relative cost position (RCP) in the market is the sum …

UI Automation With C# and Selenium: Adding Your Project to GitHub

The Takeaway: Using GitHub as your repository for version control makes development of your automation solution MUCH easier! An important element of your automation project is to make sure you can keep it backed up and available.  A great way to do that is with GitHub. As a version control system and repository, GutHub allows …