UI Automation With C# and Selenium, Part I

For the past few years, I’ve struggled with a desire to publish a “how-to” series
on automation. On one hand, there are already LOTS of resources out there, frankly, written by people much better at development and programming than


I am. Dave Haeffner, for example, does a great job of explaining how to get started in his Selenium Guidebook. And now that it’s available in multiple languages (Java, Ruby, C#, Python, JavaScript), that’s an awesome resource for anyone looking to get started in UI and browser automation.

However, as I’ve grown as an automation engineer, especially in the past year, I still find it hard to find resources that do a great job of explaining how to expand your automation palette, moving beyond the


basic ideas of UI automation, and including:

  • Data-Driven Automation and Testing
  • Keyword-Driven Automation and Testing
  • API Automation and Testing
  • Security Testing

Furthermore, finding resources that speak to the implementation of these ideas in a C#/.NET environment is even more difficult. 

So, the idea is to show some real-life examples of how to implement an automation solution for testing websites and browser-based applications.

Check out my webiste to get an idea of the tools I use in my own automation.


Some of the ideas I share are ones that I implement in my own work, some may not be. Some may be ones that I figure out while I’m writing these articles and implement because of them.

If you have ANY questions or want to discuss anything, please feel free to comment or e-mail me.

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